Saturday, February 11, 2006

And at last we come to the end of the week!

With my plans firmly set in place, I can now relax. Or so it would seem.

Recently I have been doing a spot of teaching - a far cry from working on film sets or treading the boards! Now is the winter of our... No, that's not right. Now it is Half Term. That celestial week-long escape from the throngs of whining children with their "street" lingo, bad dress sense, poor personal hygiene and their childish giggling - I remember now why I left teaching in the first place!

Whilst many teachers will be either spending time with their families and friends or going on short half-term breaks, I have decided to return to another former place of employment, to help out a good friend, during this rather busy period... The London Dungeon awaits!

Aren't I lucky?!


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