Thursday, February 23, 2006

Glory Arsenal

It has been a considerable while since my last post.

Having been pretty inactive over the half-term I have decided to try and be as pro-active as possible... As if that will happen!

So, Tuesday night brought on what could have been a disastrous evening. Arsenal versus Real Madrid in the first knock-out stage of the European Cup.

Arsenal, with a lackluster league form and having already suffered to two domestic cup exits hardly looked like the power-house they were last season, or indeed the season before that. Real Madrid, with a dominating league form, hot on the heels of their La Liga rivals Barcelona, were obvious favorites. The Galacticos with their Zidane, Ronaldo, Carlos et al, were surely favorites to bury Arsenal... Alas, the story's outcome was not so!

Arsenal with a defiant and determined attack, maintained constant vigilance over the 90mins, paid of in the 46th minute with a superbly taken goal by Arsenal captain and living legend, Thierry Henry.

Could this be the jump-start Arsenal have so desperately needed? With Van Persie, Cole, Bergkamp and Campbell amongst those to return to full fitness for the second leg... Time will tell...


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