Sunday, February 26, 2006

Attack of the Killer Spider!

I thought it necessary to report to you a frightening encounter I just had with a Killer Spider!!!

Actually, I exaggerate... It was the size of a 10pence piece (5cents equivalent), including its legs!

Those of you that know me well will know I have a particular distaste for spiders. Though recently, I have tried to embrace spiders in as positive manner as possible, being that my beliefs lie with Gaia (Mother Earth) and respecting all living creatures (not as fluffly a philosophy as it might sound!).

As I went to the shower, not but 20 minutes ago, I was faced with this little ball of black with little legs curled up into its body. Clearly the gushing of the shower awoke this foul beast from its slumber. It could smell my fear. As slowly and as quietly as I could, I started to back away from this spawn of Evil. The beast uncurled its legs and slowly moved its body so that it now faced me head-on. There was nowhere for me to run to. The beast started to lower itself down the glass door of the shower cubicle. I was frozen in fear. It had me in its sights. Ready to pounce. Ready to... Kill! And then, just as I was about to scream my inevitable and child-like cry for my mum (no longer actually living with my mother would have made this cry pretty futile!), the spider got itself caught up in its own web! MWAHAHAHAHA! I triumphed over the beast! My David beat the fell beast's Goliath... I was the Ruler of my Kingdom once more!

I know... That was an overly dramatic recount of events in the shower! Apart from the fact I spent the next 10minutes in the shower (whilst washing, obviously!) looking around the bathroom making sure there were none of his friends creeping up on me, waiting to have a pop! Some ruler I'd make! Haha!

And the moral of the story is... Humans are bigger, so squash the buggers! (only joking!)


Blogger nica said...

hehe...I also have panical fear of spiders,moths but my biggest fear are WORMS.

2:05 PM  

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