Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ironies: Writers' Block

The thing about a writers’ block is that all creative and imaginative thought is suppressed.

So why is it that I am able, here, to write about the pains and frustrations of not being able to continue work on a couple of scripts? I think it’s fairly safe to assume that life is a series of ironies rolling, one after another, to stifle, to frustrate, to anger and to enlighten us. Frankly, I’d prefer to live outside of this irony. I would rather my creativity flow like a seamless river of water unhindered by any shore, coastline or protruding rocks. Even my last attempt to be mildly poetic falls short of brilliance. In short, I should ride the wave and trust that when the next moment of inspiration hits me, I’ll be ready with pen and paper to hand.

Writing is reflective, I’ve decided, so therefore I shall keep my eyes and ears open to the plethora of neuroses, teenage angst current affairs and family disputes that I hear and read about and see flashing before my eyes everyday.

Another example of irony has just hit me. Though I’ve said what I have felt I need to vent about writers' block, I feel the urge to keep writing. Could this be a solution to writers’ block? The cure? The x-factor? Write a blog and then go back to the scripts? A psychological warm-up for the brains? Hmm, perhaps I can bottle this new founds remedy *maniacal laugh*

I have come full circle… “Last words… out.”