Monday, January 30, 2006

Munich - The Verdict

It is time for me to impart on to you (you, the surfer(s) - if any!) my opinion on Steven Spielberg's take on the massacre of the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, 1972.


Firstly, the film itself is "inspired" by the events of 1972. Secondly, the film is actually based on a book called "Venegance", whose author's name escapes my mind.

The film starts off as you would expect it, with the Munich Olympics and the events that unfold. As such the audience are immediately clued in to what the film is about.... duh! Storytelling of this nature often makes me wonder whether the big cheeses of Hollywood film-making actually give their audiences any kind of credit for intelligence... then again, Hollywood is in America! (Only joking!)

So the big word of the film is "revenge"... apparently two wrongs make it all alright! Now, that isnt me criticising the Israelis or indeed condoning the actions of Black September (Palestinian terrorist organisation behind the events). Whether the actions taken by Golda Meir, Israel's first and only (to this date) female prime minister, were justified or not is not what I am writing in this post.

As far as the film went, my attention was kept throughout. From the planning of each assassination to the execution of it. Spielberg does well to keep the audience involved and to share the intensity of the unfolding events, alongside the characters on screen. That was, until the last ten minutes, probably not helped by the fact that the screen suddenly switched off, the house lights turned up and we (the cinema patrons) were left wondering why indeed we did think it justified to spend £8 on a cinematic experience. The endless paranoias of the main character, thinking he was still at risk after seeing 4 out of 6 of his team assassinated by the KGB, left me rearranging myself in my seat one too many times. In short, the film's ending was like a firework that doesnt give you it's final bang... a rather timid ending amongst all the action and it, the ending, really does drag.

Is is worth seeing? Yes... Is it worth £8? Yes... Is it Spielberg's best? Not by a long way

Whether or not this film is gifted nominations from The Academy remains to be seen. Personally, I wouldnt vote for it in any category other than Best Actor for Eric Bana.

The Result? 6 out of 10

If you want to watch a film that'll entertain but not leave any residue on your mind the next morning, then this is one for you.

Is Anybody Out There?

There is that age-old question again... But seriously though, in this world of high-speed communication, do people really take any notice of what someone else has put on the internet, unless it in some way benefits that person?

I certainly did wonder when I paid for my own professional website to be designed. So, isn't it interesting that I should be here writing a "blog" purely for the need to express myself? (And of course, highlight my appalling spelling to the world!) Well, it is in fact down to a work colleague who has his own blog. So, if you feel this blog is rubbish you can blame him in some way!

So, at this point, I think it might be wise to end this first post. Especially as I have lots of work to do and I'm off to see Munich in a little while. Will let you (whoever stumbles onto this blog) know how the film is.

Ta Ta